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NeuroMem® Technologies announces a new AI POC with FiberOne Asia for audio visual sector

New proof of concept will be demonstrated at EmTech Asia to highlight the use of AI technology in tourism and hospitality sector

· EmTech Asia

Singapore, 30 January 2018: NeuroMem Technologies Pte Ltd, a pattern recognition technology company focused on the use and benefits of neuromorphic semiconductor components, has teamed up with FiberOne Asia to demonstrate the practical use of artificial intelligence (AI) at EmTech Asia 2018, the annual global emerging technologies conference hosted by MIT Technology Review.

FiberOne, one of Singapore’s leading audio visual (AV) system integrators, is leveraging Neuromem’s disruptive, neuromorphic AI technology to create a facial recognition solution that would create a more interactive experience for the hospitality, construction and audio-visual sector. The team tapped into Neuromem’s ecosystem of engineers, designers and experts including Dr. Manan Suri, Assistant Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-Delhi) and a member of the Steering Committee at NeuroMem Technologies. Dr. Suri used his personal experience with projects he has been working on in facial recognition and medical applications to help the FiberOne team make the best use of the neuromorphic memory capabilities of the Neuromem chips.

Johnson Mutaya, CEO at FiberOne, said, “This is an exciting new journey for us and we are pleased to be working with the team at Neuromem who have not only one of the most effective technologies in the AI space but have provided us with the support and resources to make this happen.”

One of the key highlights for Mutaya was the fact that Neuromem’s neuromorphic AI technology consumed less power and was not dependent on cloud services. “The fact that it does not rely on the cloud or an Internet connection, means that our technology can be deployed anywhere and is completely secure because it is localized to the application and yet dynamic enough to deliver what we need,” added Mutaya.

This project will help Fiber One Asia’s continued dominance in the AV sector with plans to expand into the construction and hospitality sectors looking to adapt future technologies.

Pierre Brunswick, CEO of Neuromem Technologies, commented, “We are delighted with the results of this project with the FiberOne team. This solution that has so many applications not just in the AV sector but also for the tourism, construction, hospitality and, of course, security and surveillance sectors. Our demonstration at EmTech Asia will showcase the versatility of our technology and we hope that we will soon have more prototypes in several other sectors.”

“EmTech Asia 2018 will provide us with the platform to help the community understand the high value proposition of we offer in terms of data analytics across multiple sources and applications as well as the resources that will make these projects not only viable but ahead of the competition,” pointed out Brunswick.

EmTech Asia is scheduled for 30 & 31 January 2018 at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore. The hottest topics in emerging technology including Artificial Intelligence will be discussed at the show. To find out more on the course or to register, visit

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